A Nation For Triumph; An NFT for Victory!

Source: https://www.technopixel.org/ukraine-dao-sells-ukrainian-flag-nft-for-6-5m/

Cryptocurrency is not just an avenue to allow fraud and is used as a shield against the hands of the government. In times of war, cryptocurrency can also give a gleam of hope for every innocent person affected by the depressive situation in a country. With its characteristics as permissionless and borderless, cryptocurrency can contribute to the greatest army fighting for their sovereignty. Cryptocurrencies don’t have a central issuing or regulating authority, instead using a decentralized system to record transactions and issue new units which makes them immune from any financial crisis during war.

In a recent news, an NFT of a Ukrainian flag has been auctioned for 2173.64 Ether, equivalent to $6.4 million, with the help of 3,271 contributors polling their funds for a joint bid on PartyBid — a platform that lets people pool their capital together to purchase NFTs as a team. It is their own way to help the military of Ukraine and give aid to the affected people of the ongoing Ukraine-Russian war.

It is evident that there is actually no one, including those who live outside the two mentioned countries, is pushing for a quarrel and leading to killing people. In fact, the Russian punk rock protest band Pussy Riot was also one of the initiators of the said NFT flag bidding.

It was officially sold on March 3 at an NFT marketplace called Zora. In return, LOVE tokens will be given to the contributors as a sign of salute and to commemorate their initiative to take a stance in helping the people of Ukraine. According to the UkraineDAO who initially posted the announcement on Twitter, they discourage all the contributors to trade the coins for utility and to keep them as a reminder of our world’s ongoing humanitarian needs.

Kudos to the traders who bravely and willingly lent a hand for the people. Once again, cryptocurrency proved itself that it can be used at the very crucial time in the society.



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