Deepcoin User Appreciate Month: Trade Spot tokens for Free!

Anthony Lynch
2 min readAug 30, 2022


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Hurry up, you only have less than 48 hours to trade Spot on Deepcoin with zero fees!

It was almost a month ago when Deepcoin, one of the rapidly progressive cryptocurrency exchange platforms, announced that it would offer ZERO fees for Spot trades in the entire month of August. The sole purpose of this event is to show gratitude and appreciation to its dedicated users.

To my fellow Deepcoin users out there, we all know that showing appreciation by giving a discount to zero fees to its users is just a usual thing for Deepcoin to do. In particular, the said crypto exchange offered 50% off trading fees for spot trading in July. FYI, Spot trading is what you do when you’re trying to buy and own a cryptocurrency — so it’s just buying and trading and selling crypto.

Go buy Spot on Deepcoin now and tell your friends!

What are you waiting for? Go trade and share this exciting announcement with your crypto friends before it’s too late. According to an online article shared on Deepcoin’s website, the said offer will expire tomorrow, August 31, 2022, at 9:59 AM (UTC+8). Also, In case you didn’t know, the spot transaction fee does not participate in other discounts, handling fee rebates, or any other form of handling fee adjustment or handling fee discount throughout the event. In addition, The transaction rate will be restored to the original rates after the event; 0.1% for taker and maker trades.

Being able to trade for free is an excellent opportunity for crypto users who want to invest spot or just simply want to explore other tokens in the blockchain like Spot. Just a friendly reminder though, when it comes to this kind of event, kindly do extensive research first before investing in a specific token or an activity. This blog may be helpful, but I suggest feeding your curiosity with more crypto news and articles.



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