Ethereum Merge is Coming: What Coin is Predicted to Increase in Value?

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With Ethereum’s (ETH) famous Merge just a few days away, KuCoin is also looking to contribute. The People’s Exchange has announced the launch of an exciting event dedicated only to KuCoin users: ETH Merge Prophet.

The Merge represents Ethereum’s major upgrade, as it will mark the very end of the proof-of-work Ethereum we know today and give birth to Ethereum 2.0 — the version that will be based on a proof-of-stake consensus algorithm. As a result, the Ethereum network is highly scalable, secure, and stable. This is expected to be a watershed moment in the Ethereum ecosystem’s development.

As it is known, Ethereum Classic (ETC) is simply the first version of Ethereum. Ethereum and Ethereum Classic both originated from the same blockchain but following the hard fork, several differences between Ethereum and Ethereum Classic emerged. According to cryptoguide, the major difference between Ethereum Classic (ETC) and Ethereum (ETH) is that ETC is a speculative digital asset with a fixed supply. Whereas ETH is the more popular and accepted version that is widely traded, with no fixed supply.

As the Merge Approaches, Which Coin do you think will have the highest Price Gains?

Image from KuCoin

Many crypto enthusiasts are anticipating the most important event in crypto. Some are even split into factions with their bets placed on the side of either ETC or ETH.

With that being said, KuCoin, the leading crypto exchange has an ongoing event wherein all qualified KuCoin users can win a share of Prize Pools worth $50,000 just by making predictions on which of the said coins will experience the highest price gains. ETH Merge Prophet is part of a whole series of ETH Merge-related events.

As for the participation process, Users that meet the trading requirements will be able to make predictions on which coin will have a price increase in value at the end of the round. Each round lasts for 24 hours, 00:00–24:00 (UTC). There will be a total of 7 rounds of predictions. Each round will accept predictions between 00:00 and 16:00 (UTC). Please participate as early as possible to ensure successful participation in the predictions. There’s no time to lose! Click this link to participate in the event

Ethereum After the Merge

Without a doubt, Ethereum is changing. The Merge is one of the most significant events in the history of cryptocurrencies as it will be one of the largest protocols that will go through a remarkable change. While it’s not possible to tell the future, one effect of the merge should be to make Ethereum more scalable and cheaper to use.



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