Experience the Future of Gaming With VALHALLA: Unleashing Unprecedented Opportunities

Anthony Lynch
3 min readJan 18, 2023

It has only been a week since I first featured KuCoin fractional NFTs on my site, and the People’s Exchange is back at it again with its newest project, — — hiVALHALLA.

Although I had heard of VALHALLA before, I hadn’t had a chance to learn more about the important details like the team behind it, adoption and usage, market performance, and the roadmap. As soon as I learned that VALHALLA would be the 21st project on the KuCoin fractional NFTs, I took some time to read up on it and picked up the idea to write another article so that you guys would also learn more about this promising NFT project.

After visiting their site, it appears that VALHALLA is an NFT project that aims to build a decentralized gaming ecosystem on the Ethereum blockchain. As for its roadmap, they are developing a platform that allows gamers to earn, trade, and collect unique in-game items that can be used within their community or traded with other players.

The VALHALLA platform will allow game developers to create and publish games that utilize NFTs, and players will be able to purchase, own, and trade NFTs within these games. The use of blockchain technology will ensure that these NFTs are truly unique and that ownership can be tracked and verified.

If you think you’ll eventually be interested in purchasing a VALHALLA NFT but don’t have the money to do it now, KuCoin fractional NFTs may be the perfect platform to help you do so.

Investing in VALHALLA: How KuCoin Fractional NFTs Can Help

Image from KuCoin

Just like any other NFT, KuCoin’s fractional NFTs feature enables you to unlock the potential of VALHALLA NFTs by allowing you to purchase a fraction of them rather than the whole thing. This can make it more affordable for individuals to own a piece of VALHALLA’s unique and valuable NFTs.

According to the announcement page, the token sale subscription will be available for access on January 19 and will last for 3 hours, which starts at 9:00:00 (UTC). A new rule will be used for the hiVALHALLA token sale, featuring two subscription rounds, and if you are interested in knowing more about it, click here to see the complete details.

What’s in it for you?

Below are a few ways you can unlock the potential of VALHALLA NFTs through KuCoin’s Fractional NFTs feature:

  1. Access to limited edition NFTs

By purchasing hiVALHALLA, you can gain access to limited edition, highly sought-after NFTs that may be too expensive to purchase outright.

2. Ability to trade and use NFTs in games

With fractional ownership, you can trade and use your NFTs in games on the VALHALLA platform, potentially unlocking new gaming experiences and economic models.

3. Liquidity

Fractional NFTs allow for more liquidity in the market, as they can be easily bought and sold on the KuCoin platform.

The Takeaway

It’s important to note that this is just a general idea of how hiVALHALLA could be used, and the actual potential of VALHALLA NFTs can only be known once the project is live and in use by the community. Additionally, using a reputable exchange like KuCoin could provide a secure and regulated platform for buying, selling, and trading NFTs. So, if you’re interested in using KuCoin as I do, you can sign up using my affiliate link and save 20% on your trading fees.