Free Monday Round 8: Infinite Free Trades!

My favorite number comes with 6 applaudable tokens!

KuCoin Free Monday is already in its 8th week. I have received a lot of good feedback about this activity, and honestly, your opinions and suggestions have kept me going on writing my personal review. As promised, this series will briefly give spotlight to different underrated tokens. Read my past blogs here.

I had a great time trading some of my favorite tokens from the past rounds, and I am looking forward to having this activity until the end of the year. I personally think that it is not impossible for KuCoin to make this activity permanent on their platform. Afterall, they are always pro-people!

KuCoin Free Monday is a good opportunity for users who want to explore more tokens in the blockchain. However, remember to do extensive research before investing in a specific token or an activity. You may find this blog helpful, but I’d suggest feeding your curiosity with more news and books.

What is KuCoin Free Monday?

KuCoin Free Monday is an activity intended to give 0 trading fee for KuCoin’s featured tokens per week. Luckily, Based on my observation, the tokens being included are relatively diverse and underrated. KuCoin was able to include some of my small tokens, and I must really say that I am benefiting from it.

For today’s blog, allow me to introduce my 2 best picks in this round!

  1. (GHST)

Who would ever forget that one amazing non-fungible token that runs on the Aave protocol? Everyone’s childhood can relate to this game — sweatless and awesome! Users can earn rewards through playing the avatars in this game.

Aavegotchi are pixelated ghosts that have their distinct personalities and appearances. Truth to be told, Aavegotchi are game avatars that are so easy to control and study. I never had any sweat playing them, and I can give my assurance to any newbie that they will have fun in Aavegotchi.

The downside here is the fact that they are still in the infancy stage. The team should work on their roadmap and prepare more interesting activities for the users. They officially launched the project in January 2021, and I am looking forward to familiarizing myself more to this.

I will surely take advantage of KuCoin Free Monday Round 8! GHST is included in this round’s available token. The native token of this network is positioned to “win high-end items,” according to the Founder of the project.

2. (SUPER)

As much as I want to feature more tokens every week, I am now experimenting with a shorter version of my blogs. Now, for my 2nd top pick token, SuperFarm is present!

The idea of this project is super efficient for NFT users. SuperFarm is a cross-chain decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol built to facilitate the launching of new non-fungible tokens (NFTs) without the need for programming. According to its whitepaper, it is a marketplace and an innovative set of tools allow any project to deploy a farm with its own rules. They are literally giving out freedom to any user to process their own farm. In simple words, they can deploy a customized farm and set their own rules in incentivizing the users.

One of the amazing parts is its capability to bring utility to any token by turning it into an NFT farm with no coding required. SuperFarm is super in so many ways!

Furthermore, interested users can buy their native token called ‘SUPER’, and have access to different features and opportunities in the ecosystem.

There are also 4 other tokens you can check out in this round: , , and . There are two activities under this: Free Trade, Free Rate and Deposit Now and Enjoy 10 USDT Rebate, wherein users will be able to enjoy 0 trading fee when they trade specific tokens under KuCoin products such as Spot, Futures and Trading bot.

This is a great opportunity for interested holders, and I;m so excited to introduce to you the next batch of tokens. Happy trading!



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