Get Ahead of the Competition With Exclusive Access to the Latest and Exciting Projects on Kucoin!

Anthony Lynch
4 min readOct 20, 2022

If you are an avid reader of mine, you’d know that this is not the first time I have written about KuCoin. In fact, I’ve authored a number of articles regarding KuCoin for my blog site. And the reason why I love to highlight KuCoin is that it’s one of the many well-known cryptocurrency exchanges out there that I believe is the most appreciative and the one that consistently offers something that all of its users can look forward to.

In today’s blog, I have listed down some of the most recent events on KuCoin. This goes to show that the People’s Exchange will never stop expressing gratitude for the support that all users are providing for the platform.

Discover What Efinity Has to Offer and How You Can Get Involved!

Image from KuCoin

Efinity Finally Arrives on KuCoin! With this fantastic project coming to its trading platform, The People’s Exchange would like to share and celebrate the good news with its users. The three activities for the competition have already started at 10:00:00 and are scheduled to conclude on October 25 at 10:00 (UTC).

Click this link if you are interested in participating in the EFI Net Deposit Competition and earn a share of a 100,000 EFI Prize Pool. If you would like to trade to win a share of 300,000 EFI, click here.

Join the 370,000 POKT Airdrop and Get Started With Pocket Network Today!

Image from KuCoin

The People’s Exchange is encouraging its users to welcome the future of web 3.0 with the Pocket Network. Yes, you heard it right. KuCoin is proud to share that the much anticipated token listing of Pocket Network (POKT) in the said platform has finally happened.

In celebration of this exciting partnership, KuCoin and Pocket Network have started competition campaigns and give away a reward pool of 370,000 POKT to qualified KuCoin users! There are three events that have already started but don’t panic, you still have six more days to participate as the event will end on October 26 at 10:00. (UTC).

From Mainnet to Milestones: Celebrating Oraichain’s 2nd Anniversary

Image from KuCoin

It’s about time for Oraichain’s second anniversary! Oraichain and KuCoin collaborated to organize a campaign activity and distribute a 22,000 ORAI prize pool to qualified KuCoin users in celebration of the upcoming event.

To highlight, the three campaign activities have already started and will conclude on October 25, 2022, at 10:00. (UTC).

Author’s Note:

I have already mentioned before in my previous blogs that I personally use KuCoin for investing and trading. And I must say that it has been amazing in terms of security, customer service, and usability. With low trading fees, user friendly, a bunch of cryptocurrency investment opportunities, and earning features, Kucoin is a indeed top crypto exchange that is continuously evolving. Moreover, regarding the trading fees, new users of the Kucoin exchange can get 20% off their trading fees if the sign-up is done with my affiliate link.

In addition, I can always feel how KuCoin is very appreciative of its users by arranging many exciting campaign activities and giving away great prize pools. I can’t say that the platform is perfect, there are still some minor bugs that the KuCoin team needs to work on, but overall, my experience has been just as fantastic as always.

Now, if it comes out as if I am convincing you to switch or to start using KuCoin, I want to clarify that this is purely my subjective opinion and is in no way an investment or financial advice. So before making any decision, make sure you have thoroughly researched the digital asset you have chosen and are aware of any potential hazards associated with the cryptocurrency markets.