Get Crypto Investment Exposure With KuCoin: Part 2: Tips and Tricks

The words “investing” and “saving” are words you often hear used together and sometimes interchangeably. A shared characteristic of saving and investing is the utmost importance they play in our lives. If you are not doing either, the time to start is now. This may require changes in spending, tracking, and in the utilization of your income, but it can and should be built into your plan. A general rule of thumb is saving should be short-term while investing should be long-term.

Despite the dramatic ups and downs of the crypto market, interest in crypto is growing. And that growth has helped increase the diversity of investment options in the market.

In this blog post, I will share with you Tips & Tricks on how you can utilize KuCoin products to support your short-term, medium-term, and long-term financial goals.

  1. Dual Investment

Dual Investment users invest one coin and have the option of receiving revenue from two different assets. When one places a crypto asset, it is locked and users can profit as the investment asset’s value rises. Investors’ potential earnings are based on how their staked asset performs at maturity. It is an investment product that helps users buy low and sell high at a set price and on a set date.

> If you are looking for an effective way to put your $10,000 to work and potentially build wealth, you can achieve it through KuCoin dual investment. It can help you earn 100% APR which means you would double your money in a year.

> If you would invest $100,000 and you’d earn 57% APR, it means that you would earn $157,000 a year

> If the price crashes, you will get more tokens. For instance, the settlement price is 16,600 and if the price crashes below the settlement price, you will get MORE tokens.

2. KuCoin Leveraged Tokens

KuCoin Leveraged Tokens are an innovative crypto financial derivative. They have leverage features, zero margins, and come without the risk of forced liquidation. It is suitable for most crypto investors, especially those who desire a profit from market volatility without taking the risk of being liquidated.

Tips & Tricks:

> If you are saving up for a long-term goal and have no plans to withdraw the funds in the near future, you may wanna consider acquiring a KuCoin leverage token specifically the BTC3L. Your BTC3L will rise by 15% correspondingly if the price of BTC will rise by 5%. Why? It is because BTC3L is 3x bullish on BTC.

> This type of investment works better for people who are saving money for short-term goals. If you acquire BTC3S, which is 3x bearish on BTC, the price increase of your BTC3S is 3 times with BTC’s decrease. Meaning you will get 3x of the return.

3. Token Sale Investment

If you are in the process of DYOR about how can you raise money in the crypto space, KuCoin IEO, and IGO might be the perfect investment instruments for you.

Tips & Tricks:

> If you are aiming to take part in an early crypto investment, consider participating in the KuCoin Spotlight, the token sale platform by KuCoin that allows qualified investors to join the token sale of early-stage blockchain projects. At the initial stage of offering a coin via the KuCoin platform, you can buy them at a very low price. And once the program is over you can now trade them to get your money back or stake more to increase your earnings.

> If you like the idea of how ICO works but you are more interested in gaining investment exposure in the field of blockchain gaming, metaverse, or Web3 environment, KuCoin Wonderland IGO might be the perfect investment instrument for you. This is just the same concept as an initial coin offering (ICO), but it only applies to games that use cryptocurrencies or NFTs.

In KuCoin Wonderland, you can get paid for the time you invested. The IGO token price depends on the developers and sometimes, the KuCoin Wonderland will determine it based on how popular it gets. The more people buy the token, the more valuable it becomes.

Think of it like crowdfunding, but at a much higher pace. This is because KuCoin IGO projects are blockchain-based and built for monetary purposes. Almost 100% of gameplay is oriented toward how much money both the users and developers can generate, so little effort is put towards visuals or storylines. The focus of the gameplay is almost entirely on how much revenue users and developers can make, with little attention paid to graphics or plot.

The Takeaway

Overall, there are numerous campaigns that KuCoin has that you can take advantage of to gain exposure investment. If you have enough assets, you can join trading, holding, and staking competitions. But if you will start from scratch, there are other activities that required 0 assets like AMA, Gleam tasks, etc where you can win coins just by doing some task requirements like answering, joining groups, being proactive, and more.

Please remember though that before you participate in all of the services that the People Exchange offers, you actually need a verified KuCoin account, so if you don’t have one, click here to sign up and get 20% off trading fees.

Make sure to thoroughly research each KuCoin feature and product mentioned before making any decisions, and educate yourself on any potential risks associated with the cryptocurrency markets. Beware, crypto markets are very volatile! DYOR!



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