Get The Best Crypto Trading Experience With KuCoin — Part 3: Tips and Tricks

Anthony Lynch
5 min readDec 28, 2022

In the era of economic growth, fresh opportunities are everywhere. Trading and investing are already pretty much the norm. Like all forms of financial trading, cryptocurrency trading demands the right information, abilities, and capital.

While some people, like myself, use cryptocurrency trading as a secondary source of income, other people have been able to defy the status quo and begin trading full-time. And the cryptocurrency industry is becoming just as popular as ever thanks to the rise in the price of Bitcoin, which has piqued the interest of numerous potential investors.

Even while the rising value of Bitcoin and other altcoins is a powerful motivator, those who have never engaged with cryptocurrencies sometimes find it challenging to know where to begin. As a result, I decided to highlight some of the KuCoin products where you can get started and have the best trading experience. If you are interested to learn the tips and tricks on how you can get the best trading experience with KuCoin, keep reading.

  1. KuCoin Futures
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What I would like to highlight about KuCoin Futures is its interface. In my experience, the moment it launched its brand-new trading interface last year, I instantly recognized how my trading experience became much smoother, simplified, and more streamlined.

Tips & Tricks:

> In contrast to the UI’s initial release, you can now modify the modules to create your own trading interface.

> Now, this Tip & Trick may be useful to you: whether you use KuCoin Futures through an app or a website, you can still quickly check the price and market movements to ensure you never miss an investment opportunity.

> It is noteworthy to mention that KuCoin futures offer Pro and Lite versions. So if you are a beginner, feel free to start with KuCoin Futures Lite, which is the simplified version of the current KuCoin Futures platform and intends to improve the Futures trading experience and reduce the complexity of the trading process to make Futures trading simpler and easier for novice or beginner.

2. KuCoin P2P fiat trade

Peer-to-peer, or P2P, refers to trade done directly between users rather than through a platform. It is highly flexible because you may decide who to trade with, when to make the transfer, and how much to pay. Although peer-to-peer trading gives customers greater control over the process, it’s crucial to keep in mind that there are risks when there is no middleman to mediate the sale. A platform like KuCoin P2P fiat trade is essential in this scenario for those who are risk-averse.

Tips & Tricks:

> The best P2P trading experience can only be achieved if there are no fees involved, right? Here, the tip and & trick is to choose a P2P trading platform that offers 0 fees. Contrary to many P2P platforms that take a cut of your transactions, KuCoin P2P fiat exchange puts your mind at ease. There are no additional charges; you earn what you paid for.

> If there is one important thing that you need to look out for in a P2P trading platform, it should be its security and transparency.

At the time of writing KuCoin P2P fiat trade is the most trustworthy and the most credible P2P trading platform available today. The reason for this is that it has the power to protect the transaction by providing an “escrow service”, guaranteeing the security and fairness of every trade. Simply put, KuCoin will temporarily freeze the seller’s cryptocurrency after the buyer places an order on the KuCoin P2P network.

> When it comes to payment, we all aim for a smooth and convenient transaction, right? If you want the best crypto trading experience possible, use a P2P platform that offers a range of payment methods. This gives you the freedom to transact using your preferred method of sending or receiving funds.

> Your trading experience will get even more exciting if your chosen platform offers a Fast Trade feature. If you want to take advantage of any trading chances in the constantly changing cryptocurrency market, KuCoin P2P fiat trade is without a doubt the best platform for you.

3. KuCoin Trading Bot

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Tips & Tricks:

> What better way to sum up the ideal trading experience than to have all of your trade automated? Who doesn’t want passive cash flow, after all? It’s safe to say that the KuCoin Trading bot outperforms a human trader

4. KuCoin Convert feature

Screenshot Image from KuCoin

Tips & Tricks:

> Having everything you need for crypto trading really sums up the perfect definition of what the best trading experience should be. Now, if you only want to transfer coins from your primary account to your trading account and then trade for the coin you want, the KuCoin Convert feature has got you covered.

Final Thoughts

If you have been following my blog account for a while already, you would know that I also utilize KuCoin for crypto trading. In my experience, the two mentioned products of KuCion are just some of the many KuCoin offerings that can help you achieve the best trading experience.

In addition, it is noteworthy to mention Spot Trading is a popular investment method in KuCoin as it gives traders a simple way to invest in and trade in financial assets. This can also be a great way to start your trading journey and eventually help you achieve in getting the best trading experience.

As previously stated, trading cryptocurrencies requires the appropriate knowledge, skills, and resources because they are riskier than most people are accustomed to because of their greater volatility than other financial instruments. Don’t get me wrong, there are still more opportunities to profit from this volatility but it’s not bad to always keep in mind that it may also lead to losses that are higher than you may be prepared to take. Always DYOR before you make any financial decisions.