Glasses Up: MojitoSwap to Launch its own NFT Marketplace!

Image from MojitoSwap Medium

The party is not over, until it’s finally over!

MojitoSwap is set to launch another banging surprise for its beloved Mojos — the official endearment of the platform for its loyal supporters. Everyone, including me, are all eager to see the perplexing features and services of MojitoSwap’s first-ever NFT marketplace under the KCC. Before we get to the most thrilling part of the party, let us all get to know deeper the purpose of MojitoSwap and its most anticipated NFT marketplace.

In a recent article published by MojitoSwap, the successful announcement of its Version 2.0 will be seconded by a new project — the launch of MojitoSwap NFT marketplace. It is committed to becoming the largest NFT-trading platform on KCC. The article even stated that the official release date of the project is already around the corner, however, Mojos can’t be fastened with excitement. This has been the talk of the town since the glad tidings was posted on different social-interaction sites.

As we gather resources, Mojos seems to love the great initiative of the exchange and is expecting to see quality collectibles, hassle-free digital transactions, and more. While the team assured that the NFT marketplace will surely support GameFi properties, varieties of digital assets and hopefully be a platform that will give Mojos the opportunity to create their own NFTs, so that more users can participate in new experiences with blockchain products at low costs

Despite being a loyalist, I still wonder how all these functions are going to get cramped up in an infant project like MojitoSwap. As we can remember, MojitoSwap was officially launched in September 2021, with the purpose of letting Mojos earn and win tokens (especially MJT) with no-hassle. If the team would like to make this project more successful, a wider engagement and reach for its site and official accounts is highly needed. At the time of writing, their official Twitter has only almost 39,000 followers, while its Telegram group has 27,000 members. It would be better if more users can party with MojitoSwap while earning tons of gains through its marketplace.

A project with little to less users is only a success for the project, but a project loved and liked by many is a success for the people. Crypto is made for everyone, and should be enjoyed with everyone!

Moving forward, MojitoSwap has an ongoing activity with NFT Lomen where over $1200MJT will be given away! The said giveaway will run from 11 AM (UTC) March 28, until 10 AM (UTC) April 7 with 0 fee during the entire event period. I have already tried my luck in one of the events, and would like to invite everyone to a fun-filled party with MojitoSwap.

Come, get your drinks and win MJT!



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