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Trading and investing in cryptocurrencies solely relies on how well you perceive the digital asset based on its market industry. First of all, this guide doesn’t give any investment advice. Given the fact that the market value of Hyprr’s token UDOO doesn’t satisfy others’ expectations. It is worth noting, however, that outside of these sometimes spectacular runs from low market cap coins, often see little gains. More often than not they stagnate for the majority of the market cycle, maintaining their price if not moving in a bearish trajectory. But it is this low valuation that allows for major gains, for those savvy enough.

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By 2020, three billion individuals are projected to be using social media. Although trillions of monthly visitors are still drawn by traditional channels such as Facebook and YouTube, most of today’s consumers expect more than these one-dimensional channels can offer. As a result, there is a rising demand and a potential for a blockchain and cryptocurrency-based platform to fundamentally change and disrupt the business.

It isn’t like Facebook in which you’re limited in any way, not like Twitter in which you can just tweet, and not like TikTok where it’s all about footage-it combines the best of all in terms of mediums, and afterwards helps creators to commercialize their own content. It brings creators in business for themselves. That’s a much better model for creators, and it’s no wonder that several hundred creators are already lined up for the beta opening of this project. That’s a much better system for creators, and it’s no wonder that several hundred creators are already lined up for the beta opening of this project. That’s a potential user base of millions, and they are just hardly getting underway.

What is Hyprr?

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Hyprr is a mixture of apps and innovative features found on existing social media sites that will offer a completely new experience for users. Hyprr integrates short-form video, music integration, streaming and virtual reality with images, blogs, and podcasting, as well as adding some of the features users already enjoy on popular social media sites such as: Snapchat with its photo and video AR to TikTok with short videos featuring music from your mobile. Users may think of Hyprr more like Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram, Netflix, but there is nothing like Hyprr on the market whatever way they look at it. Users may focus on only one or many areas of content. Users can earn for content through tips or set up paywalls, or they can just come for privacy.

What’s the main problem that the project solves?

Some creative content creators and influencers on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok are reportedly struggling to stay afloat since these entities pinch the revenue-share from creators. By building a digital asset monetization platform which can maximize blockchain efficiencies, Hyprr solves those issues, thereby enabling more creators to continue generating revenue without the strict limitations used by some of these services.

Through convenient-to-use paywall functionality, users and content creators can generate content so that sponsors can fund it through ads. Via likes or shares, content creators may also produce passive income. With an in-app wallet that helps users buy, sell, and swap UDOOs with their traditional currencies, including Euros and US dollars, Hyprr has made it easy for users to convert their tokens into cash. Hyprr also plans to expand the opportunity to withdraw the earnings instantly to a debit card for users.

Hyprr encompasses all the features of the existing traditional media platforms. Content Creators get to keep almost all the money from their page and channels. Users get paid for others using their data or they can turn it off. Hyprr has a smarter model that attracts, rewards and keeps users, influencers and advertisers. They only have 888,888,888 UDOOs and 3bn social media users to target so the opportunity is huge. They have over 400 launch supporters with a total collective following of over 350 million fans and they are signing more supporters every week.

What are the main use cases of UDOO?

As stated from the Hyprr’s recent CEO AMA, Hyprr offers a huge utility to its token. Firstly everything is settled through the token, all tips and transactions require the purchase of the token as a way to transact and send value through the network, but even greater than this, all advertising will work the same way. The advertisers will spend in local currency — so wont be burdened with the complicated nature of exchanges. Also Hyprr has an amazing node programme what will lock in millions of tokens for rewards up to 30%, and users and creators that will speculatively hold tokens in their wallets. To top this off, Hyprr has a token rewards programme where 10% of its gross advertising revenue will be distributed to token holders that stake their tokens (node holders will be automatically included), and this will be paid out in BTC as not to impact its own token with regular monthly sells.

Upcoming Token Swap

Hyprr has announced a new native token that will be called the HYPE. This token is built on their own blockchain, which brings an end to their dependence on the Ethereum blockchain. Current token holders have nothing to worry about as there will be a 1:1 swap of the UDOO to the HYPE and the tokenomics will remain exactly the same, with the same supply.

Where can I buy UDOO?

There are many exchanges that claim the title of “best” exchange. While this may all seem simple enough, however, in choosing the best crypto exchange to invest in, you’ll have to pay attention to a myriad of considerations like fees, reputation, security, verification processes, and geographical restrictions an exchange platform has to offer.

To better understand most of the exchanges, as well as some of them that are working actively towards this goal, first, we need to understand some several factors that these crypto exchanges are currently working on:

  • Security: Safety should always come first. A good exchange will place great emphasis on the security of their users’ accounts, personal information, and the system in general. The majority of the assets should be stored offline in a cold storage system. Also be on the lookout for additional security features such as Two-factor authentication, withdrawal confirmations, etc.
  • Reputation: A well established, long-standing exchange is a much safer option.
  • 24/7 Support: The support should be responsive, friendly, professional, and ideally reachable through several different channels. A call center is a big plus as it’s comforting to know you have the option to speak to someone in person.
  • Payment methods: Take into consideration which payment methods are available — do they support credit card purchases, p2p fiat trades, and other methods of payment.
  • Fees: Fees can vary substantially between different exchanges. The fee schedule has to be provided on the site.
  • Interface: The site should be easy to navigate, even for crypto beginners.
  • Geographical restrictions: Some exchanges are locally restricted and their service might not be available in your area.
  • Uptime: Avoid exchanges with lots of downtimes.
  • Verification: Even though some users find verification and KYC procedures a hassle, you should look at it from another perspective. They are done with the best intention to protect the exchange from money laundering and all sorts of scams.

Taking everything into consideration, KuCoin is one of the many cryptocurrency exchanges who explored the concept of what the future of cryptocurrency trading looks like. It is also a reputable exchange that adds high-quality projects, hence, where you can buy UDOO.

Image from KuCoin

KuCoin has a highly trained research department that looks for top-quality projects throughout the crypto industry. The exchange has over 6 million registered users across 207 countries and regions around the world with 450+ trading pairs to date. KuCoin provides a highly secure and easy-to-use platform for users to engage in cryptocurrency trades and transactions efficiently and safely.

KuCoin also launched a series of other products in the past year designed to further help out crypto users, including futures markets, public chain, one-stop exchange solution, creating a platform for how your crypto can yield interest, as well as some upgrades to the main exchange to uphold its principle of security and transparency. KuCoin since its inception has insisted on taking the tech as its backbone to build a better trader relationship while constantly pushing for the sustainable development of the digital currency trading ecosystem as the ultimate goal.

The Best Crypto Exchange To Buy UDOO 2020

There are several exchanges, in fact, catering to different requirements and varying in terms of safety and security, convenience, accessibility, and so on. But unlike most of them, KuCoin is unique in its approach. From their timely upgrades, reports, and recently introduced products & features like KuChain, Margin, KuCoin Futures, Soft Staking, and Pool-X is what I think helping them build a better ecosystem for us, traders. Significantly, the structure of Kucoin is utterly fascinating, which shows they are more interested in long term growth. I’d say with their competitive services and reputable brand, KuCoin is already one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges today.



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