It’s Time to Party: KuCoin Futures Turns 2!


Yes, we heard it right. KuCoin Futures turned two!

I’m not a typical party person, I’m used to dealing with my computer all day. This is the only time I ever got really excited about a blockchain anniversary. Well, not that I’ve used KuCoin Futures since it was founded, but I’m really happy that I started trading on this platform in December 2020. I remember that it was still the time when I had just started my crypto voyage.

Throwback at one!

KuCoin Futures has a user-friendly interface with seamless navigation through the board, and I’m a living witness. I was a noob back then, but KuCoin Futures really helped me figure out Bitcoin. Few weeks later, I discovered Futures Lite: it was created to make trading even simpler. It really helped me, as a novice trader back then, to fully understand trading. Glad that they also published various tutorials to lower the threshold of Futures trading and onboard users. Overall, I’m having so much fun with its features!

On the other hand, they can offer more. assets than being limited only to Bitcoin-based contracts. I don’t know yet if KuCoin has a plan on doing this, or if they are capable of making this possible.

Happy birthday, KuCoin Futures!

As you all know, KuCoin is known as a global leading crypto exchange that offers different unique activities. I’ve been a trader for a year now, and I really noticed that KuCoin grows too fast because of its outstanding support from KuCoin users.

When they first launched KuCoin Futures in August 2019, KuCoin was still building its name and reputation in the cryptocurrency industry. Looking back, this trading platform indeed transformed my crypto journey!

It was hailed as one of the top 10 global Futures trading platforms and most users would say that this is the easiest trading platform of all time. KuCoin Futures’ user interface and experience have greatly improved over the years. Upon research, it was only accessible through a web portal, but it has become a full-fledged web and mobile app experience. I am lucky that I get to experience its simpler and easier system.

Let the party begin!

As the celebration continues, KuCoin planned an anniversary carnival from August 18, 2021 to September 1, 2021. There ought not to be any time to lose! KuCoin Futures offers a total of $1 million USDT worth of bonuses. There are five activities in total, and of course, I will do my best to participate in all. So far, here are the things I’ve noticed about the activities.

I’m so excited! I honestly can’t contain my excitement, and I always face my computer to research and study. This carnival is really a good opportunity for users like me, especially to those who are really loyal in trading on KuCoin Futures! I hope to see more exciting carnivals next time. But for now, I am writing this to share the good news to my fellow traders and beloved readers.

Let’s all trust in BTC!! And of course, to KuCoin. Thanks for reading!



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