KuCoin Launches Massive Giveaways for Top Projects!

Anthony Lynch
3 min readMar 2, 2023

When it comes to KuCoin’s active involvement in launching numerous giveaway campaigns for various projects, I can say that I am impressed by their dedication to supporting the crypto community.

One thing I appreciate about KuCoin’s approach to giveaways is that they often focus on incentivizing user engagement with the platform and its associated projects. Rather than simply giving away tokens or prizes, they often require users to complete certain actions (such as trading a certain volume of a particular token) in order to be eligible for the promotion.

As a matter of fact, all of the ongoing promotions from KuCoin include trading competitions.

So what are the People’s Exchange’s latest campaigns and giveaways for its users?

As someone who’s always on the lookout for exciting new developments in the cryptocurrency world, I was thrilled to hear that KuCoin had finally listed TopGoal (GOAL) on February 27. This was a highly anticipated event for many people, myself included, and I was eager to see what this innovative project had in store.

To celebrate the TopGoal listing on KuCoin, the two teams partnered to launch a campaign giveaway with a fantastic prize pool of 50,000 GOAL tokens, which were exclusive to KuCoin users. I was excited to participate in this campaign and have a chance to win some of these valuable tokens for myself.

The campaign had already started when I heard about it, but there was still plenty of time left to participate. It was set to end on March 6 at 8:00 (UTC), giving users a full week to complete the required tasks and earn entries into the giveaway.

If you are a KuCoin user or a fan of Bluezelle, I would recommend checking out their ongoing campaigns too. Similar to the TopGoal listing celebration, I was also impressed by the way that KuCoin and Bluezelle collaborated to create this exciting campaign. It was a great way for users to learn more about Bluezelle and get involved with the project in a meaningful way. With 200,000 BLZ tokens up for grabs, I bet many KuCoin users will take advantage of it. So if this blog has made you want to join the event, then hesitate no more; you only have until March 8 to get in on the action.

If there is one KuCoin ongoing promotion activity that’s caught my attention lately, that is their “Immerse in Dreams Quest” promotion, which offers users the chance to win a share of 10 million DREAMS tokens and 100 NFTs. To participate, users simply need to whitelist their accounts and complete a few easy steps, such as following the DREAMS project on social media and making a deposit on KuCoin.

What I love about this promotion is that it’s a great way to support a promising new project (DREAMS), while also potentially winning some valuable rewards in the process. If you’re interested in participating in the Immerse in Dreams Quest promotion, which is set to end March 10, click here to register on Dreams Quest to get whitelisted.

Author’s Note

Overall, I think that KuCoin’s commitment to offering these types of promotions is a testament to its dedication to its users and to the wider cryptocurrency community. Whether you’re an experienced trader or just getting started with crypto, there’s always something exciting happening on KuCoin that’s worth checking out!