Kucoin’s New Chrome Extension: The Best Way to Manage Your Wallet

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When using KuCoin Wallet on a PC, you no longer have to worry about constantly entering secret phrases — KuCoin Wallet is finally accessible on Chrome Extension!

The majority of us in the KuCoin community find it a little annoying and inconvenient to constantly type secret phrases into the KuCoin wallet every time we visit it using a PC. Although many of us have expressed our concerns about it, no action has been taken… at least not until recently.

The Convenience of KuCoin Wallet on Chrome Extension

A few days ago, The People’s Exchange admitted in an online article that they were aware of and sympathized with the customer dissatisfaction about having to import their wallets manually.

It then led KuCoin to realize that something must be done to fix it. Finally, it was decided to allow PC users to log in to the same account by scanning a QR code just by installing the KuCoin Wallet extension from the chrome web store. Not only will you no longer need to input the 12 secret phrases, but it will also lessen the chance of malware attacks. This launch of the KuCoin wallet chrome extension will surely help KuCoin users easily manage their wallets without feeling anxious that their assets could be stolen from wallet extensions.

All of KuCoin’s users have certainly heaved a sigh of relief in response to this wonderful news. After manually importing our wallets for years, we now have the chance to use a Web3 DApp seamlessly on both mobile and PC devices.

Aside from the fact that KuCoin was able to create a revolutionary solution to the secret phrase storage problem, it is also noteworthy to mention that lot of work has been put into this initiative such as adding two-way encryption to ensure the security of assets, enabling mobile authorization to completely eliminate the problem of excessive authorization requests and adding one-stop- multi-chain asset management to the KuCoin wallet chrome extension.

To learn how to use the KuCoin Wallet Chrome Extension, go here.

Closing Thoughts

After I finished reading the announcement about the said endeavor, I couldn’t help but admire KuCoin for its genuine care for its users. KuCoin is not referred to as the People’s Exchange for no reason. The launch of the KuCoin wallet chrome extension with significantly better security technologies and architecture, ensuring the protection of user assets across several dimensions and protecting the Web3 experience, only goes to further show how seriously KuCoin takes community feedback.

This excellent project will be included among KuCoin’s many other fantastic and promising offerings that are offered only to its users. It will also be added to the many reasons why you should consider using KuCoin. Moreover, if this article somehow made you gain interest in using the KuCoin platform, why not take the chance to get 20% off your trading fees just by having your registration done with my affiliate link?

If you made it all the way down here, thank you so much for taking the time to read it and I appreciate your thoughtful responses! As always, keep it classy and civilized, please.



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