Lucky Seven: KuCoin Free Monday on its 7th Week!

Will it be the lucky round for most of our KuCoin traders?

KuCoin Free Monday is finally in its 7th week! Six weeks have passed, and KuCoin users get another chance to trade a news set of tokens on two different activities on Free Monday.

I’ve been reading a lot of good reviews about this activity. It is indeed applaudable to feature numerous potential tokens in the market.

Thank you for including my review on your feedback. If you haven’t read my article about this promising activity, you might want to check it out here. This article will be the continuation of my personal review, the guidelines and mechanics of KuCoin Free Monday; what you should know about these tokens. This series will briefly give spotlight to different underrated tokens. You can browse my profile for more articles about the said activity.

What is KuCoin Free Monday?

KuCoin Free Monday is an activity intended to give 0 trading fee for KuCoin’s featured tokens per week. Luckily, Based on my observation, the tokens being included are relatively diverse and underrated. To mention a few, they already gave spotlights to ALICE, KEEP and CTSI. KuCoin was able to include some of my small tokens, and I must really say that I am benefiting from it.

There are two activities under this: Free Trade, Free Rate and Deposit Now and Enjoy 10 USDT Rebate, wherein users will be able to enjoy 0 trading fee when they trade specific tokens under KuCoin products such as Spot, Futures and Trading bot.

In the 7th Round, there are 5 new tokens you can trade on. Every token has its own distinct potential and purpose. Here’s my top 2 picks from the Free Monday Round 7!

First on my list is the Injective Protocol (INJ). Ever since I started my crypto journey, this token is my most favorite undervalued token of all. Injective enables access to unlimited decentralized finance markets. I was able to create a financial market on Injective’s exchange protocol.

The main idea is very simple, the protocol is beginner-friendly. I never had any struggle working on it, even before I was still a newcomer. It has zero gas fees and has the ability to avoid both network congestion and the associated high gas fees. There is no need to be bothered as it is secured by a tendermint-based proof-of-stake consensus and achieves instant finality.

I personally enjoyed trading this on KuCoin Free Monday. And I hope to see more traders patronizing this token.

As promised, I’ll feature my top 2 picks. The second one is a DeFi platform built on Polkadot. It was named Reef (REEF) and it aims to deliver cross-chain trading. A yield engine and a smart liquidity aggregator are among the project’s offerings.

What I like about this project is its purpose to address the drawbacks associated with existing trading platforms. Reef is undoubtedly secured and has a sustainable on-chain governance. REEF is needed to participate in any Reef chain validation and governance.

There are three other tokens along with INJ and REEF. You may also check their websites to better know TVK, ALPHA and BADGER.

Take this opportunity to grab some undervalued tokens. KuCoin Free Monday Round Seven might be the perfect time to familiarize yourself with these amazing tokens. Again, KuCoin Free Monday is a 0 fee rate activity that features a different set of tokens weekly.

Thank you for reading, and please stay tuned for the next update.

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