Microstrategy’s Smart Move: Reinvesting $500M From Stock Sales Into Bitcoin

Following recent SEC filings, MicroStrategy has caused a stir in the market.

MicroStrategy, the most significant institutional purchaser of Bitcoin, has a contract with two agents, “Cowen and Company” and “BTIG.” Initiation of the deal has been made possible by MicroStrategy’s desire to sell its combined class A common stock. The total market value of the class A common shares is close to $500,000,000. This information was made public by the organization through an SEC filing.

The Company Stated that the Funds would be used to Purchase Bitcoin

The well-known Bitcoin bull Mr. Michael Salyor, who has acquired a significant quantity of Bitcoin, specifically around 129,699 BTC, is a co-founder of “MicroStrategy.” These Bitcoins have been bought for an average price of $3.977 billion. Despite coping with numerous market concerns for a considerable amount of time, the business analytics firm seems steadfast in its intention to buy more BTC by selling company stock.

Although the cryptocurrency sector has historically shown symptoms of continuous decline, MicroStrategy has been an organization that has supported Bitcoin. The CFO of MicroStrategy previously stated that the company has been using a simple approach with Bitcoin, continuing to buy and retain the cryptocurrency. Should their cash reserves run out, they will look forward to finding numerous alternative ways to make money and investing it back into Bitcoin.

The strategy of buying the dip is crucial for MicroStrategy

MicroStrategy’s BTC holdings have been progressively declining lately. The organization reportedly lost somewhere in the neighborhood of $1 billion. The total value of the Bitcoin reserves has decreased to $2.8 Billion as a result of market uncertainty.

I can say that what Microstrategy did is all okay… in some way. Subjectively, if you think bitcoin is a smart investment and they’re selling shares to purchase it, you’d be prepared to go along with it. However, the issue arises when shares are diluted and the proceeds are spent on a failing venture or just to keep the lights on.

On the other side, although shares are being diluted, stockholders are still being compensated with more actual assets. This is being contrasted, in my opinion, to a situation in which a company would have to dilute its shares in order to continue operating and paying its employees.

But how about you guys? What do you think about Microstrategy’s significant investment in Bitcoin? Thank you for reading and I appreciate your thoughtful responses! As always, keep it classy and civilized, please!



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