New Margin And Spot Trading Interface On The KuCoin App

KuCoin has been in operation for a few years and the amount of changes that they’ve been through in that period has been remarkable.

Anthony Lynch
3 min readJun 4, 2020

KuCoin has made numerous reassessments on how the exchange can grow further, and one thing that keeps coming up is their commitment to making user experience better.

With the team’s effort to identify a lot of the areas where the platform can improve the way users interact within the platform. They have now started launching the new design to some KuCoin users, with total rollout anticipated in the coming days. To further enhance the user trading experience, KuCoin upgraded its Spot and Margin trading on the platform. Users can get a head start with the new trading upgrades starting June 4, 2020 (UTC+8) on the KuCoin App.

Spot Trade Upgrades:
Transfer: Users can select transfer with one click on the trading page, saving steps in the transferring process.

Margin Trade Upgrades:
Leverage Tip: A new pop-up prompt will appear the first time a user enters the leveraged interface in the App.
Borrow Amount Tip: The system will auto-calculate the amount of token users can borrow (10x).
Auto-Borrow: Users can borrow tokens and place orders automatically through the system at the prime market rate in the auto-borrow mode, saving time in leveraged transactions.
Debt Ratio Tip: Adjusted the original text of the “debt ratio” prompt to an indicative table with a textual prompt.
Auto-Repay: When the auto-repay mode is enabled, the system will automatically repay the tokens every 30 minutes.

Ultra-low interest activity” is mostly a thing that happens around KuCoin’s Margin Market. It is an activity where users who borrow BTC and USDT during the activity period could win a share from a prize pool or enjoy an ultra-low interest rate.

Some tips on how to take advantage of the event:
Learn the Basics
Earn 10x Profit

The KuCoin mobile app provides users with 24/7 multi-language customer support, and a safe and easy-to-use platform to trade BTC and ETH contracts on mobile. In addition, traders can access spot and margin trading markets across a wide range of trading pairs conveniently within the app.

Last September, KuCoin also launched futures trading on its mobile app, and the latest KuCoin App V 3.13.0. is now available for updates and download. Trade BTC and ETH contracts at your fingertips! You may update or download the app by checking the latest version here.

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