Poloniex to Delist CRO: What Does This Mean?

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Poloniex, a digital asset exchange, said earlier today that CRO would be delisted from its platform.

Rebranded in 2018, Crypto.com is a blockchain created by CRO Protocol Labs that offers a single decentralized finance application and exchange. Its native token is CRO, and the platform lets you buy and sell cryptocurrency, stake your cryptocurrency and earn with it, gather all of your cryptocurrency in one wallet, and do a lot more.

According to an article shared online, Poloniex periodically checks the projects and tokens offered on the platform to make sure the assets live up to the high standards of their patrons. Consequently, if a project no longer meets the key requirements they have for their listed assets, they may delist the asset. They have therefore chosen to proceed with delisting the following assets from Poloniex: CRO

Information about Delisting

Starting on September 13 at 10:00 UTC, all currency deposits will be suspended. Any additional deposits won’t be applied to your account beyond this point. All currencies are now eligible for withdrawals, ending on November 30, 2022, at 10:00 UTC. Beginning September 20 at 10:00 UTC, trading in all of the aforementioned currencies will come to an end.

In addition, You can withdraw your assets by going to your Poloniex wallet, choosing the asset you want to withdraw, and entering the crypto address for the currency you want to withdraw. For you to withdraw this asset, your balance must be higher than the minimum network fee. In your Poloniex Wallet, you may find the most recent withdrawal fees.

What happens after CRO is delisted?

The idea that CRO tokens will disappear or lose all of their value is not implied by delisting. It simply means that CRO will cease to be tradable on Poloniex. You are still able to withdraw money and move it to another exchange or wallet.

You can trade CRO tokens on a variety of cryptocurrency exchanges, including Huobi Global, Coinone, and Gate.io. Furthermore, keep in mind that your CRO coins should be kept in a cryptocurrency wallet that does so, such as Freewallet, Metamask, and ImToken.

I’m rather certain that folks may not want to hear this kind of news, especially for those who solely trade on Poloniex. Finding another crypto exchange to trade their CRO tokens might prove difficult for them. Remember, though, that the Poloniex staff is constantly working to enhance the functionality of the exchange and provide better customer service.



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