Round Two: Let the Free Trading Begin!


After being the talk of the town, KuCoin users finally get another chance to trade a different set of tokens on Free Monday. I’ve been seeing a lot of opinions and suggestions about this activity — from Twitter, Reddit and even on Facebook, traders were hyping their personal picks from the pool of tokens available last week. I guess KuCoin heard our prayers as they extended and highlighted more tokens in the market.

Anyway, if you haven’t read my article about this promising activity, you might want to check out here. This article will be the continuation of my personal review, the guidelines and mechanics of KuCoin Free Monday; what you should know about these tokens.

I had a great time joining the first week of Free Monday. But little did we know, KuCoin has a plan of releasing another announcement stating that KuCoin Free Monday will have its 2nd Round, featuring a different set of tokens. What made me happier was the fact that some of my fave underrated tokens are included in this week’s 0 fee rate!

Without further adieu, let the free trading begin!

Here are my top three tokens available on the second week of Free Monday :

Note that some of these are based on my personal experience, while the technical details are carefully researched on their respective communities, websites and whitepapers.

1. Orchid (OXT)

Ranking as my top pick, Orchid is known as the first incentivized peer-to-peer privacy network in the entire crypto industry. I’ve been eyeing to feature this product on my blog for the past few months, and I guess a great opportunity finally came my way. Truth be told, I experienced the limitless freedom of the internet because of Orchid.

In my own experience, I have read a few projects that have the same concept as Orchid, but only Orchid offers great trading incentives and, thus, I can attest this.

OXT is the native token of Orchid which is a cryptocurrency powered by a virtual private network or commonly known as VPN. It is an ERC-20 standard token on

It aims to overcome the internet restrictions just by using probabilistic nanopayments through OXT. With Orchid, I was able to benefit from anonymous VPN usage which does not rely on a centralized server and the risks associated with a particular country’s infrastructure. Since I started patriotizing OXT, my web history, IP address and location were already restricted to be accessed by anyone.

Another thing I noticed, users like me do not need to pay funds monthly or annually, rather just for the times that I am using their product. In that case, Orchid does not require their users to contribute funds for the days that they are not using the VPN.

2. Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR)

Hedera Hashgraph is one of the crowd’s favorites including mine. It presented a whole lot of new flavour in the crypto industry. Not your usual conventional blockchain, Hedera Hashgraph was built with its very own novel type of ledger technology. This technology improves the scalability, cost and speed of the network.

It basically solves the slow performance and instability within the blockchain-based platforms. I haven’t had any issue when it comes to the efficiency of their system.

The most important thing I’ve noted is its native token. Upon researching, $HBAR’s main role is to fuel the Hedera services including file storage and the transactions within the network. There is also a token service that allows users to easily configure and mint both fungible and non-fungible tokens. Users can literally do this without any sweat, which I personally see as a more convenient option.

To finally wrap things about this network, I can say that Hedera Hashgrap fulfills its purpose of being the trust layer of the internet, allowing users like me to create more powerful decentralized applications.

3. Flow (FLOW)

Last but definitely not the list, I consider this as a fast, decentralized, and a developer-friendly blockchain network. Among all the tokens included in Free Monday, Flow has the simplest yet applaudable roadmap for me.

There have been a lot of famous brands that built partnerships with Flow. To name a few, NBA and UFC are on the list. Flow is continuously making its legacy on a more inclusive and borderless digital economy.

I bought a few $FLOW before when it gained attention from the users. It is required to have their currency before you can have access to the network and all its applications. I got curious so I tried purchasing some, but I might consider trading more especially now that it is available to be traded with 0 fee on Free Monday.

Also, FLOW is designed as a payment method and used by validators, developers to participate in the FLOW network and earn rewards. Definitely, Free Monday is a great opportunity to take advantage when you are interested in knowing these tokens.

In total, there are six (6) tokens available for round two of Free Monday, but I purposely featured the first three which also happen to be my top three picks. You might want to read more about the three remaining tokens: NKN, MLN and EGLD.

I hope to see more tokens available on Free Monday. As of now, I haven’t heard anything about the extension of this activity but I will definitely take advantage of every token that will be included in this considerate project.

Happy trading!




Writer | Cultural Activist | Violinist

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Anthony Lynch

Anthony Lynch

Writer | Cultural Activist | Violinist

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