The Past, Present, and Future of KuCoin Exchange

KuCoin Shares

What are the reasons to hold KCS?

• While they surely made major strides this past quarter, I acknowledge that KCS is still some distance away from its ATH last Jan, and I’m still mystified that that’s the case.

KuCoin Exchange: Year in Review 2019

Future of KCS and KuCoin

New Team

With the successful expansion of KuCoin’s services and ecosystem, amid the crypto market recession due to the coronavirus, the management team still manage to proceed with their plan of enhancing the company structure and establish KuCoin Group.

New Bonus Plan for KCS

Regarding the current KCS bonus plan as was explained above, the platform decides to adjust the way they distribute the bonuses. While they cannot unveil too many details now but it is certain that the bonus of holding KCS will only be higher.

KuCoin Chain

Imagine an exchange that has its own Public Chain, KuCoin in its current form could possibly attract more projects to build on its upcoming KuChain. Not just for the sole purpose of significantly expanding its ecosystem, the exchange will also be able to provide a better trading experience through its CEX and DEX traders. While Michael mentioned a small piece of detail from KuChain white paper in their official Telegram AMA, he mentioned sharing more of it within a month.

KuCoin DEX

The way I see it, KuCoin has spared no effort in exploring diversified methods. Seeking innovative cooperation and offering users protection by establishing the best of centralized and decentralized trading solutions, the platform partnered with Arwen. Perhaps, with the upcoming KuCoin Chain, KuDEX is on its way and will also be available for trading.


Offering the aid of white-label solutions, KuCloud will render its partners with a golden opportunity to rapidly deploy and set up their own crypto exchanges within 72 hours. Provided with all of KuCoin’s lucrative features, including spot trading, margin trading, staking, fiat gateway to up to 150x leverage futures trading, KuCloud could help empower consumers with the most crucial step to maximize efficiency by reducing R&D input costs as well as time savings.

In light of all the service expansion, what significance does this look like for KuCoin and KCS?

It all started with a cryptocurrency exchange that has set out to keep trades fast and safe. Two years after, they were able to build a powerhouse from their ever-expanding services and community. As the recently concluded month shows amid the global market crisis, KuCoin proved it won’t flinch as it just continues to stand out. Always expect that KCS was, is and will play a significant role in KuCoin. From use cases and burn processes (afaik burned more than 10% of the total circulation) it will potentially help accelerate its intrinsic value to make it a CMC top 20 coin again!



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