Waste Not, Want Not: Tips to Keep Your Crypto From Going to Waste

Most of us started investing in cryptocurrencies with one main objective in mind. To generate a lot of revenue. To scrounge our way out of debt. Maybe so that we might save enough money to stop living paycheck to paycheck. Others would like to have a nice nest fund to contribute to their retirement. For the rest of us, our objective was to be able to retire early. The objective remained to amass and earn as much money as possible, whichever one suits you.

However, that is where the issue arises. Most of us enter the cryptocurrency markets with the sole intention of profiting from them. Quite often, we gave conservation zero attention. You will accumulate fees along the way if you are an ardent cryptocurrency user. We don’t consider something unusual because it is common. However, years later after you have participated in the market for one or more entire cycles. Because the value of those cryptocurrencies has dramatically increased, the minor expenses that you made without giving them any thought have suddenly multiplied by 100. Your small sum of money that you were paying on swaps, fees, and transactions is suddenly worth thousands of dollars. Now it is a figure that the majority of us would be very interested in.

In this blog, we’ll cover some essential ideas that could save you a little money now but a lot more money on the road.

  1. Find Yourself an Exchange With Commission-Free Trading

In reality, you cannot totally eliminate the charges. It is important that you choose a cryptocurrency exchange that has at least the lowest fees. Zero-commission stock and trading platforms made significant progress in this area, but more recently, the platform has come under fire for a number of unjustifiable developments.

2. Purchase Cryptocurrency Using Coins

For obvious reasons, purchasing cryptocurrency with cash may appear to be the simplest option among all the possibilities — particularly for beginners.

However, you will usually always have to pay a fee for that withdrawal and the associated deposit into your digital wallet if you convert cash into cryptocurrency or vice versa. Using cryptocurrency, however, will cost you nearly nothing.

3. Watch Transaction Amounts

I was very enthusiastic when I initially started investing in cryptocurrencies. As soon as I had extra money, I wanted to put it right into cryptocurrency. As a result, several cryptocurrency purchases were made. I was able to amass a significant amount of cryptocurrency, so this would seem excellent, right?

However, I was initially using exchanges with massive costs. Sometimes I would buy things numerous times a day or even every day. I ended up wasting a lot of money as a result. I could have accumulated more income if I had been more patient and spaced out my purchases. Be aware of the costs associated with the exchange you use and their fees.

Bottom Line

When it comes to developing a financial strategy, investors typically just consider returns. However, paying attention to your investment costs is just as crucial, if not more so. Your portfolio may very well be seriously impacted by fees, especially over time.

The same applies to cryptocurrencies. Even without the involvement of a third party like a brokerage business, trading cryptocurrency carries a cost. To support the function they play, online networks must be managed, trades must be recorded, and cryptocurrency exchanges must generate revenue.



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