Anthony Lynch
3 min readJul 28, 2022
Photo from KuCoin

Pet Society, Farmville, and Bookworm were one of the good old PC games I used to love playing when I was younger. Little did I know that the gaming industry will transform into something bigger. Who would have thought that we will live to see the day where Web3 gaming exists? With a major shift from traditional gaming platforms, Web3-based games allow the players to engage with the games in innovative and decentralized ways.

I have come to know more about Web3 gaming when I entered the world of crypto a few years ago. Web3 games are sometimes called play-to-earn, play-to-own, crypto, blockchain, or NFT games. These are digital games that use blockchain technology as an underlying component of a game’s economy.

During my early years in the crypto market, one of the first Web 3 gaming platforms I found so easy to onboard the Web3 gaming space was Wombat.

What is Wombat?

The first time I heard about Wombat, I suddenly thought of the short-legged, muscular quadrupedal marsupials. But in the world of crypto, it has a completely different meaning. Wombat is a Web 3 gaming platform where it allows gamers to trade, lend, borrow, stack, or swap their crypto and NFTs for fiats on top exchanges or third-party marketplaces. Aside from that, this platform can also give gamers an opportunity to discover new games with crypto or NFT monetary mechanisms. They can also store, manage, transfer, and interact with NFTs and cryptocurrencies. Additionally, gamers can share their game progress and NFTs with their gamer friends or communities.

How Does Wombat Work?

Wombat is the native token of the Wombat ecosystem — The token’s primary use is making payments within the wombat ecosystem. Gamers can also earn crypto and NFT rewards for playing games on Wombat through the Womplay Game Rewards system. Aside from that, Gamers can use Wombat for VIP staking to get an array of benefits. Wombat also rewards gamers in Wombat after achieving in-game milestones.

The Wombat app, available on Android, iOS, and Chrome platforms, is at the core of the Wombat ecosystem. Within the app is a dApp explorer, which allows users to interact with dApps that run on any of the above blockchain networks. Also, the app has an NFT Gallery for viewing and completing NFT functions.

A Celebration to Wombat Being Listed on KuCoin!

The People’s exchange has never been more excited to announce about the great project coming to their trading platform. Wombat (WOMBAT) will be available on KuCoin and I’m pretty sure that KuCoin users are also happy to hear about the listing announcement. So to anyone who is interested, please be reminded that $WOMBAT will be listed on KuCoin starting from July 29th, 14:00 UTC and the withdrawal begins on July 31st, 10:00 UTC. For more information on the KuCoin listing details, Please click the link here.

And now that wombat is finally listed on KuCoin, the People’s exchange will be launching a campaign to give away a WOMBAT reward pool worth $40,000 to all qualified KuCoin users! Remember that the campaign will run from 14:00:00 on July 29, 2022, to 14:00:00 on August 5, 2022 (UTC). Click this link to read the whole details about the said campaign.